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The Lesson



Twin sisters, Ana and Isa both received lung transplants.

Getting started



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Begin the lesson by engaging your students with statements and questions provided.


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Video 1 Quiz (Students respond verbally)


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Video 2 Quiz (Students respond verbally)


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Get Clued In

Fact sheet about organ, eye and tissue donation.

Religious Considerations

Visit giftdonor.org for a list of religions and their beliefs regarding donation.

Share Your Decision Form

After the lesson encourage your students to share their decision with a loved one.
This may be offered as an assignment or extra credit.

Begin the Lesson

Engage your students with the following:

In most states it is the law to ask individuals when they get a driver’s license or state ID, “Do you want to be a donor?”  Therefore the goal of the presentation is for you to understand the question Do you want to be a donor? And understand why you would answer the question with Yes, No or Undecided

An informed decision is key. Sharing your decision with a loved one is the most important step to becoming an organ, eye and tissue donor, because the conversation matters.

Does anyone know someone that has received an organ transplant? And only if you are comfortable sharing, does anyone know someone that when they died became a donor, or a living donor? Wait for response.

When you receive a driver’s license or state ID what does it mean when you are asked “Do you want to be a donor?” (Wait for response. Prompt: When one of your friends asks you “Do you want to be a donor?“, what are they really asking?)

Why would someone say yes to donation when they are asked that question at the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV)? (Wait for response. Prompt: To help others, or to be a giving person)

Why would someone say no to donation when getting a driver’s license or state ID? (Wait for response. Prompt: Concerned about an open casket or for religious reasons.)

Gift of Life

Gift of Life is a national model for the support, awareness and success of organ, eye and tissue donation through education, mentoring and collaboration with partners and individuals in the transplant community.


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Empowering teens to communicate the value of organ, eye & tissue donation.


Life SaversSM is a high school education program that encourages individuals to share their informed decisions about organ, eye and tissue donation with their loved ones…because the conversation matters.  


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